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Offices nowadays usually keep the AC on with fairly low temperatures that almost freeze you. Though AC is a necessity during scorching summers, staying in air conditioned environment for long hours is not good for you. Exposure to AC for long hours impacts your body negatively. Here are few tips you could use to fight the ill-effects of the AC.

People often complain about feeling sick or suffering from body aches and headache, which can be constant. It can even lead to arthritis if a person is exposed to such an environment for a long span of time. To avoid such problems, make sure you set the temperature between 25 to 27 degrees Celsius, nothing below that.

The AC often makes your skin dry and stretchy by snatching all the moisture away with the cold air. To prevent your skin from being harmed this way, carry the moisturiser or cream that you apply to office. Also carry your lip balm to keep chapped lips away; these two products will take care of your skin.

Sitting in such lower temperatures can make you feel exhausted and sick. Take small breaks in between work to go out and inhale some fresh air. This would help in balancing your body's temperature and also help in refreshing your mind. If you experience the same, you must try this and see the difference by yourself.

Water is really crucial for our body, but when we stay in an air conditioned environment for too long, we tend to skip drinking water. This is very bad for our body; make sure you sip few gulps of water every once in a while to keep your body hydrated and also flush out all the toxins.

Layers are a must! Carry your jacket, sweater or scarf to office daily if your office is always under the influence of lower temperature. This would help in protecting you from excess cold and make you feel comfortable if the temperature is too low.