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Just.Jobs is a recruitment solution currently in use by 35,000+ SMBs, startups & enterprises for hiring blue-collar job seekers in 12 Indian cities.

● It plans to spread wings in 12 more Indian cities, along with going global and adding a few regional languages on the platform in the next 12 months.

● Its main focus point of growth is easy & fast connectivity between skill (jobseekers) and opportunity (employers).

Ritu, a business analyst by profession, resigned from a lucrative career to follow her passion for baking. She even did a certification course of 9 months from Indian School of Hospitality and then arranged everything required to setup a bakery, an operating place in Pune alongwith working capital and assets. All she required now was an efficient staff which includes bakers, helpers, delivery boys, etc. But she wasn't able to find & hire the staff, she desired.
"Ritu's story is quite relatable with that of any other employer belonging to an SMB or startup looking to hire blue-collar worker/s. That's the most imminent yet difficult part of setting up or running a business." says Kishore Beniwal, Just.Jobs.

Ritu then started looking aggressively for solutions everywhere. Technology today allows us to create faster & effective solutions such as blue-collar job boards like Just.Jobs which was suggested to Ritu by her neighbor. Just.Jobs is a job board which can be used to hire blue-collar, and entry level staff in India.

Few years back - recalls Beniwal, "In 2016 when my driver left the job, I never thought that hiring a driver would be such cumbersome job. There wasn't any effective solution available, even in 2016. Placement agencies and brokers were there but can put a dent in your pocket. While discussing the same with my friend, S.R. Madhukar, Just.Jobs was born."

In India, over 80% of the population (900 million people) belongs to BoP (Bottom Of the Economic Pyramid), which means total annual income of 5 out of 6 households is less than 200,000 INR in urban areas and 160,000 INR in rural areas. 90% of working class belongs to the unorganized informal sector i.e. over 400 million people in the workforce.

"These people rely on ineffective recruitment channels like placement agencies & job brokers. Driver, delivery man, cook, or tailor in India are almost clueless about how to get a job and depend on costly & slow methods of getting hired. If we look, people directly or in-directly dependent on this 400 million informal workforce, the total amount of people belonging to the informal sector would be around 800-900 million i.e. almost 70% of the country's population." says Beniwal.

Connecting Skill With Opportunity
The days of Middlemen, in providing jobs or otherwise, is over. PM Modi while addressing the nation stated that Digital India eliminates middlemen & create job vacancies. Just.Jobs does the same with a focus to create a direct connection between jobseekers & employers and eradicate the middlemen & agents earlier involved in the process making it faster, easier and hassle-free.
Madhukar, Just.Jobs, says "There are a number of fast, easy & online recruitment solutions available for formal sector. But no one has really looked to tap this, a much bigger sector than formal jobs sector, unorganized jobs sector." He further adds "Especially today with the penetration of cheap smartphones and internet services, the task of connecting a skilled blue-collar jobseeker with an employer online is much more feasible than before."
"Just.Jobs is a platform that ensures to provide cent percent customer satisfaction to the employers who register with us." says Beniwal.

They have a large pool of data of unskilled, semi-skilled & skilled blue-collar & entry-level jobseekers (under 37 categories). It provides employers with an 'Employer Dashboard' where they can manage their job posts as well as applicants and scroll through jobseeker database & unlock the same. It also offers them email & SMS alerts feature to notify them about each applicant. This simple feature leads to quicker response rate between an employer & a jobseeker.

In 2016, Just.Jobs launched its website. And within a few months, 2000+ SMBs, startups & micro-entrepreneurs were on board. But how does Just.Jobs manage to attract the attention of blue-collar workers who may have access to smartphones but have limited skills to use it?
According to Madhukar "We make sure our job posting form is simple, fast & accurate which is beneficial for both job seekers and employers. We make it easy for an employer to fill the form & post a job. And similarly, a jobseeker will find it easy to apply on a job or not, depending upon the job details provided by the employer. As it has all & only relevant details required by/for both parties."

According to an Economic Times report, job portals catering to informal sectors are doing a commendable task. They are doing the same what online job platforms did to white collar job market in the early 2000s. Deeper penetration of smartphones, cheaper internet and social media is reshaping the way informal sector workers are grabbing the opportunities. The sector is slowly moving towards semi formalization. Not only job search will become easy, but salaries also rose by an average of 13% in 2019 as compared to data of 2016-17.

Tailor Made Product And Pricing For informal Sector Employers And Jobseekers
An employer looking to hire informal sector jobseeker can be a proprietor, startupreneur, or an entrepreneur of an SMB which means their needs can be all different. Madhukar adds "After studying & analysing a number of employers & their requirement, we have created tailor made pricing plans for them to provide cost effective hiring solutions for all types of employers as we are more concerned about the quality of work and customer satisfaction."

Just.Jobs allows employers to post their first job post for free, as there is a huge spectrum of employers ranging from a proprietor to a big business house, in informal sector. Free job posting helps an employer to easily access skilled/unskilled human resources for at least one vacancy. But this is not the only feature which excites employers about Just.Jobs. It also offers cost-effective pricing plans for businesses of all sizes i.e. small, medium and large sized employers to fit each & every pocket along with catering to their needs.

From a jobseeker's point of view, Just.Jobs give them an opportunity to register for free to further search & apply to a number of jobs near them posted on the portal, without any hassles. They can also opt to create job alerts of latest vacancies near them, where they will get frequent SMS & email notifications to apply on job/s.

A recent study shows that more than 90% of the job-seekers as well as employers use their mobile phones to search for jobs or post a job. As they have gone digital, so has the job boards including Just.Jobs. it offers a job search app which is available for free for android phone users on the Google Play Store. The app is as easy & fast to use as their site.

Just Jobs

Competition and Challenges
An article published in YourStory curated top 25 popular job portals to hire blue collar job seekers in India. Apart from Just.Jobs, there is Quikr Jobs, Aasaan Jobs, Saral Rozgar, Chirag ka Rozgar, Olx Jobs, KaamKaaj to name a few. Talking about competition Mr. Beniwal Says, "The marketplace is huge, this sector is still largely untapped, and a lot needs to be done. Demand for service providers like us is imminent and real, and we are here to stay for long term, to serve the unserved people of India."
What sets Just.Jobs apart from other similar job search sites is that, "It focuses on the needs of people belonging to the informal sector. While most of the job boards look out for white-collar jobs sector, hiring efficient blue-collar workers becomes a difficult task. With Just.Jobs, a whole new perspective is offered. It is for blue-collar workers what Naukri.com is for white-collar employees." says Madhukar.

Growth Strategy
According to Beniwal, "As need for products like us is huge, and blue-collar job portal industry is still at the initial steps, everyone has ample opportunity to expand. For the next 12 months, we look to spread our wings in 12 Tier II & Tier III Indian cities. Currently, we are already targeting 12 metro & Tier I Indian cities. We also have plans to go global and add a few regional languages as well on the platform."

Just.Jobs is a trusted recruitment solution for 35000+ SMBs, Startups & Enterprises to hire blue-collar & informal sector job seekers. Just.Jobs turnover is 4 times in 2019 of what it was in 2018. But the main focus of Just.Jobs right now is easy and hassle-free connectivity between skill (jobseekers) & opportunity (employers), and it's taking all the right steps to ensure that it's done.

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