Jordan Lintz,
Jordan Lintz,

The buzz about HighKey has spread everywhere online, with most awareness being on Instagram! Jordan Lintz, the 23-year-old genius and e-commerce mastermind is no stranger to the digital marketing world. He first started HighKey Technology Inc. when he was only 19 years old and in university. Jordan Lintz has proved himself to be a successful entrepreneur with his first e-commerce company. The first item that was released for sale under the HighKey Technology Inc. brand name was a pair of wireless earbuds which claimed to be waterproof, long lasting and capable of delivering high quality audio.
Ever since his first taste of success, Jordan Lintz has been hungry for more. Him and his brother, Luke Lintz formed their next company, HighKey Agency which focuses on social branding for their high success clients. Their agency grew to 6 figures in less than 6 months.

Within the last year Jordan Lintz formed his 3rd company under the HighKey name! HighKey Clout is an influencer management company that sells growth on Instagram through celebrity giveaway campaigns. This company has achieved 6 figures within 1 month of starting.

Both companies fast growing success is largely do to the foundations of running their online business, @highkeyco.

Jordan Lintz dedicates all of his time and effort to ensuring that HighKey evolves into a successful brand name. It has been reported that he spends an average of 12 hours on his mobile phone every day marketing and networking with influencers and high success individuals. This is fundamental to the success of HighKey because it proves that influencer marketing is an effective way of spreading the word about your company. Once users online are aware of the services that you are offering, they are more likely to try it themselves. If your product is actually one which is high quality, good at doing what it does and lasts a long period of time, then half your work is already done. The good reviews will roll in and news will spread like a forest fire, as it did with Jordan Lintz and his HighKey Products/services. It is social media presence, marketing and networking skills which allowed him to turn HighKey into the business empire that people know about today.

Jordan Lintz has always been eager to learn. He and his brother (and business partner) Luke Lintz created a company called HighKey Clout which would serve as a social media management platform for large influencers. Jordan's success in developing HighKey Technology lies in how he was able to learn a lot of social media marketing and at the same time perform and practice it by networking with large influencers and high success business people. He was then able to establish his own brands social media platforms which currently boast a 750k+ total followers on Instagram.

The brothers are currently on their third model of wireless earbuds and it is the definition of high quality and futuristic technology. They have collected feedback from consumers of the brand and incorporated it into improving the earbuds. Jordan Lintz has been careful about every step made in helping HighKey Technology Inc. grow. All revenue from the company have been put back into improving the brand even more. His entrepreneurial grit, careful management, ability to improve, learn and grow along with an optimistic attitude has helped Jordan Lintz transform his dreams and visions about HighKey Technology into reality. From this point on, it is speculated that the company will grow even more and reach newer heights, given everything goes according to plan. Futuristic technology enthusiasts and social media users around the world are excited to see what young Jordan Lintz has in store.