HTC One M9 Launcher Pack
HTC One M9 Launcher PackDroidViews

Since the launch of Android OS for smartphones and tablets, HTC Sense is on the headlines for its intuitive interface with almost flawless presentation of information. Dubbed as Sense, the interface has improved so much with the time and it is perhaps one of the best part of the latest HTC flagship, One M9.

Like every other smartphone manufacturers, HTC designs their interface along with several utility apps. Since they are proprietary features, you have to grab an HTC device for using them.

But now it's possible to have those features behaving in similar fashion on your smartphones too. Tech Blog DroidViews has managed to extract all HTC One M9 stock apps into a flashable ZIP file which can be installed on any Android device. Flashing the ZIP you can enjoy HTC's One M9 Sense 7 BlinkFeed Home Launcher, Weather Clock Widget and Keyboard and several other utility stuffs. Following is the detailed list of apps offered in the compressed file.

HTC One M9 Apps

  • HTC One M9 Home Launcher
  • HTC BlinkFeed
  • HTC Weather
  • HTC Keyboard
  • HTC Gallery
  • HTC Music Player
  • HTC Video Player
  • HTC Clock
  • HTC Voice recorder
  • HTC File Manger
  • HTC Widgets: Wi-Fi, Hotspot, GPS, Screen Timeout, Screen brightness, Background Data and Auto Rotate
  •  HTC Camera

Go through the steps below to have them on your Android smartphone.


  • Your Android device should be pre-rooted with a custom recovery.
  • Existing ROM should be based on Android KitKat or Lollipop
  • Around 150MB of free system space.

How to Install

Method-1: Flashing via recovery

Step-1: Download HTC One M9 apps flashable zip file

File nameHTC One M9

Step-2: Copy the file to your phone's storage, make sure to note down the location

Step-3: Reboot your Android device into recovery mode

Step-4: Create a back-up in the recovery mode

Step-5: Select 'install', navigate to the folder where you have saved One M9 apps file, select it and confirm installation

Step-6: Wait until the installation is completed and then reboot


Method-2: Push apps via Root Browser

If your Android Smartphone does not have custom recovery installed, you can try to push the apps into System>> apps & System>> priv-apps folder using root browser app. After copying the files into System directory you need to fix file permissions to rw-r-r (0644) for each file and reboot the device.