How I Met Your Mother
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“How I Met Your Mother” came to an end on Monday and the one-hour long episode managed to tie some loose ends, while Ted finished telling his children the story of how he met their mother.

The episode finally revealed the mother’s name, Tracy, and gave a glimpse into how the gang has fared after Robin and Barney’s wedding.

Ted does not move to Chicago post Robin and Barney’s wedding as he manages to get a date with Tracy. While Marshall is afraid that Ted might end up being hurt, Lily has a good feeling about Tracy, who later ends up being pregnant with Ted’s baby prompting the couple to speed up their wedding.

While Ted seems to have finally found love, Robin and Barney’s marriage is in trouble due to her travel-heavy work schedule. Robin finally divorces Barney after three years of marriage, and he returns to his womanising ways.

But the divorce makes it uncomfortable for Robin to hang out with the gang as it comprises of her ex husband who is constantly chasing women, and the man with whom Robin should have ended up with.

“We’ll always be friends. It’s just never going to be like how it was,” Robin tells Lily who is upset that the gang is falling apart.

Meanwhile, Barney becomes a changed man after he gets a stranger pregnant and later welcomes a baby girl named Ellie. Though Barney is initially reluctant to get close to the baby, he quickly falls in love with the child.

“You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever,” Barney tells his daughter.

Ted has been telling his children the story of how he met their mother for the past nine seasons, and finally the children realize the intention behind the story.

Ted starts telling the story six years after the mother dies of a long illness, and soon after he finishes, Ted’s daughter Penny says: “No, I don’t buy it. That is not the reason you made us listen to this. This is the story about how you’re totally in love with Aunt Robin.”

“You made us sit down and listen to the story about how you met Mom, yet Mom is hardly in the story,” Penny continues. “No — this is the story about how you’re totally in love with Aunt Robin. And you’re thinking about asking her out and you want to know if we’re okay with it.”

The children tell Ted that they are fine with him asking Robin out, and with their blessings he goes to Robin’s apartment carrying a blue French horn.

As Penny pointed out, "How I Met Your Mother" has not been about Ted's journey to finding the mother, but about finding his true love -- Robin.