There was a time before selfies and vines; a time when people were still unsure of the internet and scared to type out their real names into the system, let alone post racy photos and real-time updates on their whereabouts.

In the 1990s, when internet was still a novel concept and computers only meant desktops, people were still cynical about dating online and engaging in cybersex.

On 30 July, Found Footage Fest - the YouTube channel dedicated to uncovering funny and quirky retro videos, posted "How to Have Cybersex on the Internet"; a 1997 instructional video which tries to educate - but fails to - its viewers on how to engage in cybersex. Unable to decide on whether to be informational or sexy, the video ends up being neither.

It begins with a fully clothed woman asking: "You've heard of internet sex, but is there really such a thing?" She gladly answers her own question: "Absolutely."

As she comforts the viewers, saying that having sex with an online partner is easy to learn, the silhouette of a woman - filled in with old school black and white grains - appears onscreen and stands before her, bends down and then disappears. Whatever the role was of the silhouette, it certainly missed the mark.

The lady further promises that she would teach the viewers how to reach cybersex climax and visit others who have "mastered the art of one-handed typing".

The screen of a retro computer then appears with the webpage "REAL TIME / NET . CON", asking the user to select one of the categories from "Under Thirty", "Entertainment Rumors", "New Members", "Seduction Junction", "Friends&Lovers" and "Just Friends".

We are not shown what she selects but she goes on to tell the world that she has arrived.

"K", which is her username, types out "i'm very horny and im looking for some good cybersex. Are you interested?"

The shot then cut backs to the woman and, without any warning, she has become topless, apparently to allure the users who cannot see her or just to get into the mood.

It seems to have worked either way because after a seven-second wait, user "B" replies "yessssssssssss".

And thus ends this completely uninformative video on cybersex.

Within two days, the video has received 363,265 hits.

Not one to waste a good opportunity, YouTube user Slayze asked other viewers if they'd like to have cybersex.

"Hello. I am currently very horny. Would you like to have cybersex with me?
Please respond."

The comment received 127 "likes" in and several replies, most of which are "yesssssss", while rudolphg76 replied" "I don't know how to. I have to first watch this instructional video in full. Let me get back to you on that after I've completed it."

Twitteratti have also been talking about this video:

Other viral videos posted by Found Footage Fest include "Fake Chef Pranks Morning TV Shows" and "Chef Keith in Milwaukee (Full Segment)", which are about a fictional TV chef named Chef Keith who got booked on local morning news shows in the Midwest, resulting in five disastrous TV appearances.