Wes Gibbins
Wes GibbinsFacebook/How to Get Away with Murder

Law professor Annalise Keating and her associates are all set to take viewers through a roller coaster of events in "How to Get Away with Murder" season 3. While focusing on Viola Davis' character in court room, the legal drama will also revolve around the personal and professional life of her young associate, Wes Gibbins.

In the last two seasons, the followers of Peter Nowalk's show viewed the transition of Alfred Enoch's character from a calm and loving person to a bold one. So fans are curiously waiting to watch the new developments related to him in the upcoming season.

Though the cast members of "How to Get Away with Murder" are yet to reveal much about the young lawyer, Nowalk stated that viewers can expect to watch him getting tougher. "One year ago, I would have said Wes would have fallen apart and down a spiral, but I think he's been through so much hell now, he's much tougher," the creator said in an interview with Variety.

The executive producer also teased that he is "excited to explore" the relationship between Keating and Gibbins. "He's alone so I think there's a version where they grow much closer and they work together so that's what is really appealing to me right now," he added.

Another storyline Nowalk is planning to explore in "How to Get Away with Murder" season 3 is the relationship between Viola Davis' character and her associate Bonnie Winterbottom. He said that fans will get to watch "why Annalise and this family are so important" for Liza Weil's character.

"She's almost the mama bear trying to connect everyone. That's what her role will be. In that, I would like to explore and show you guys more how her and Annalise met," iDigital Times quoted him as saying.

ABC's crime series "How to Get Away with Murder" is scheduled to premiere its third season by Thursday, Sept. 22.