How to Get Away with Murder
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How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) fans were left reeling over the breakup of their favourite onscreen power couple, Connor Walsh and Oliver Hampton, after the show premiered its third season.

Soon after ABC aired the first episode of new season, Twitter was flooded with fan messages. While some expressed their feelings at the shocking event, others blamed the writers for seeding the twist.

The tweets ranged from, "That was the most heartbreaking and emotional #Coliver scene ever. They need my babies back together. Come on @MurderWriters" to "My heart is ripped out of my chest because of #Coliver. They better get back together in the next episodes OR--SERIOUSLY AGH."

However, creator Pete Nowalk revealed that Connor and Oliver will not get back together anytime soon. "It goes to a different place than you would expect in the next few episodes," Variety quoted him as saying.

The creator even urged the followers of HTGAWM not to get too depressed and hold on for a while. "They are going to be in each other's lives in a very major way for the rest of the season," he said while interacting with a representative of The Hollywood Reporter.

Additionally, Nowalk teased a crazy conflict between professor Annalise Keating and her associate Frank Delfino in the upcoming episodes of season 3. According to him, Charlie Weber's character is the biggest enemy of the female lead as he knows all of her secrets.

Meanwhile, the fans of ABC crime thriller will also get to know more about Wes Gibbins' new girlfriend Meggy, who might evoke jealousy in Laurel Castillo's mind. "We are going to find out more about Meggy and what she is like," teased Nowalk.

How To Get Away With Murder will be back on ABC with episode 2 of season 3 this Thursday, September 28, at 10pm. The sequel is titled There Are Worse Things Than Murder.