How to Get Away with Murder
How To Get Away With Murder season 3 winter finale is titled Who's Dead? and it will be aired this Thursday, November 17, at 10pm EST on ABC.Facebook/How to Get Away with Murder

The fans of Shonda Rhimes crime thriller series How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) could be devastated after knowing who is under the sheet in the winter finale of season 3. Episode 9 is titled Who's Dead and it will feature some explosive revelations and heart-pumping scenes.

The cliffhanger of episode 8, titled No More Blood, and the trailers for the next episode have already hinted at more deaths. While Laurel Castillo is in a life or death situation, her former lover Frank Delfino is planning to shoot himself to pay for his mistakes.

Professor-cum-defence attorney Annalise Keating and her associate Bonnie Winterbottom already know the person who lost his life on the fateful night. But they are not willing to reveal the name to Asher Millstone, Michaela Pratt and Oliver Hampton. Is the professional hanker guessing it right? Is it Connor Walsh?

Creator Pete Nowalk has already revealed that he always wanted to write about a gay character he had not really seen on TV before. The showrunner even stated that he really love the onscreen chemistry between Jack Falahee's character and his boyfriend. So, the Coliver fans can sit back and relax as it could not be the law student.

Meanwhile, the absence of Wes Gibbins triggered several speculations about his death. But the character has a huge fan base and the show could lose a large number of young viewers with his demise. So it cannot be Alfred Enoch's character.

The rumour mills are also over riding over the death of detective Nate Lahey and in order to find out the answer, the followers will have to wait until the show resumes with its winter finale.

Here is the official synopsis for the next episode: The female protagonist will receive a tip about ADA Atwood that will lead to a heated confrontation with her detective friend. Meanwhile, the deadly events leading up to Annalise's house fire will reveal who's under the sheet.

Watch the trailer for How To Get Away With Murder season 3 episode 9 (winter finale), titled Who's Dead? below: