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When "How to Get Away with Murder" returns on ABC with season 2, it is likely to focus on two plot lines -- Rebecca Sutter's (Katie Findlay) murder case and Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) and Oliver Hampton's (Conrad Ricamora) relationship.

The drug dealer's death towards the end of the finale came as a shock to the viewers and they are still speculating about the possible culprit. While some are stating that it could be Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch), others are pointing fingers at Detective Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) and Rudy Walters.

However, the cast and crew of the crime series, including creator Pete Nowalk, have not spilled any details about season 2, except that a new member will be joining the team. "We'll meet a new character that figures prominently into Annalise's life," Nowalk said during a Television Academy panel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

So the possibilities are high that the new cast member could either be the culprit or might know the murderer and the reason behind the crime. The main reason for it is the last message sent by Findlay's character from Michaela Pratt's (Aja Naomi King) phone, which states "Eggs 911 Lawyer's House".

Although the first two words of Sutter's message are puzzling, her last two words could be about Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) mainly because the receiver might not know the defense attorney well.

Meanwhile, Nowalk revealed that couple, Walsh and Hampton, will play a major role in "How to Get Away with Murder" season 2. "Oliver and Connor are very important to me and they have a huge fan base. Their relationship will play a big part in season two. It's our goal to treat that in a way that's real and gives representation to a whole community of people that haven't been on network TV in a while," he said.

Who Killed Rebecca Sutter?


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