Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her associates are getting ready to thrill viewers with new mysteries in season 2 of "How to Get Away with Murder". Meanwhile, Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) will go through some serious problems and is likely to take crucial decisions in life.

The first season of ABC crime drama ended by showing the first year associate at crossroads after his partner Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) was diagnosed with HIV. So fans are curious to know whether Falahee's character will continue with the relationship or find a new playmate.

Creator Peter Nowalk has already revealed that the relationship between Walsh and the IT specialist will play a vital role in "How to Get Away with Murder" season 2.

"Oliver and Connor are very important to me and they have a huge fan base. Their relationship will play a big part in season two. It's our goal to treat that in a way that's real and gives representation to a whole community of people that haven't been on network TV in a while," The Hollywood Reporter quoted Nowalk as saying.

As the crew gears up to showcase the reality of life, speculations are rife that the first year associate might take some unexpected decisions. He will apparently find a new playmate and it could either be one of the new characters or one of his teammates.

Although it is not clear if Walsh will get attracted to any of the new cast members, eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) secretly observing him.

Since Davis revealed that all the first year associates are linked to each other and McGorry teased that every character in the show has a hidden secret, it remains to be seen where the creators will take Walsh and Millstone's relationship to, in season 2.

ABC will air "How to Get Away with Murder" season 2 premiere titled "It's Time to Move On" on Wednesday, 24 September, at 10pm.