How to Get Away with Murder
The game play begins between Annalise and Frank; who will be hurt the most?Facebook/How to Get Away with Murder

When "How to Get Away with Murder" returns on ABC with season 2 on 24 September, Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) will have a new mystery to solve – the death of her client Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay).

The drug dealer was on house arrest at the time of her death and the only two characters aware of the incident are the protagonist and her associate Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber). Although the two denied their involvement in the crime, the latter still remains a suspect mainly because he killed Lila Stangard (Megan West).

Actress Viola Davis also hinted about her employee's involvement in the crime and said, "If you go into any prison today everybody will say, 'I didn't do it' even if you found the DNA there. So as an actor, I made a choice that it was a total surprise to me.At the end of the day, I don't trust Frank. It's a path I created for Annalise because of her past."

The 49-year-old even revealed that Weber's is a mysterious character and "How to Get Away with Murder" fans will get to know more about him in the second season.

"Frank has a lot of mystery about him. The writers are going to explore that much more in the future: how he came to work with Annalise and what his background was. Charlie and I have tried to theorise as much as we could with what Frank and Annalise's past is and what their relationship is. But it's network television and just like the season finale, sometimes it's not until you are in the room that you get to fill in the blanks," The Hollywood Reporter quoted the celeb as saying.