The relationship between Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) and ADA Emily Sinclair is likely to take centre stage in "How To Get Away With Murder" season 2 episode 4, titled "Skanks Get Shanked".

Through the previous episode, the viewers learnt that the prosecutor on Hapstall case did not randomly pick up the young associate to spy on Annalise Keating (Viola Davis). She knew some dark details about his past and was threatening him with the information.

So, the followers of the ABC crime drama are eagerly waiting to get more details on Asher's connection with a blonde girl named Tiffany and Trotter Lake in the upcoming sequel, which may also reveal the real reason behind Sinclair's death.

While speculations suggest that the young associate might have shot the defense attorney due to increasing threat from her, Matt McGorry revealed that he is not the type of guy who "would kill someone or even really try to hide it". But, the cast member also said that every character in the show has a complicated past and "everyone has sides of good and evil in them".

The actor even teased a character change for Asher in the upcoming episode of the crime series. "As his relationship develops with Bonnie, it does force him to grow a little bit and become more aware of who he is and the world around him. I think we'll get to see him grow and develop and, sort of, expand outside that small bubble that he's been privileged enough to grow up in," She Knows quoted him as saying.

To know more about the mystery behind two of the most prominent plot twist from Hapstall mansion, watch "How To Get Away With Murder" season 2 episode 4, titled "Skanks Get Shanked", on ABC at 10 pm on Thursday, 15 October.