How to Get Away with Murder
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Viola Davis and her cast mates are all set to teach the next step on "How to Get Away with Murder" (HTGAWM) this Thursday on ABC.

The show, which began with twin murders of Professor Sam Keating (Tom Verica) and his student Lila Stangard (Megan West), will now take the viewers to the suspects of the gruesome crime in its upcoming episodes.

Initially, all the fingers were pointing at Sam as the culprit of Stangard and Annalise (Viola Davis) as the suspect in Sam's murder but the storyline might take an unexpected twist as indicated by Pete Nowalk, creator of "HTGAWM".

"Expect to see what happened to all the characters on 'the dark and stormy night'—the bonfire night—and that McGorry's Doucheface/Asher Millstone is 'definitely interwoven into the fabric of the show. I think his involvement will be different than the other four," he told e!online.

Previously, he had also revealed that a major character will be killed by one of the first-year associates of Keating in the premiere episode of the show.

"One of her first-year associates murdered someone," he told TV Line.

In the premiere episode of "HTGAWM", the viewers got an introduction to the five most powerful first-year students of Prof Annalise, including Milestone.

But he was missing from the sequence of hiding Sam's body and there were only four of them. So, it is clear that he has a role to play in the murder of Sam. He could either be the culprit or the witness, according to MTV.

Meanwhile, a recently released sneak peek video of the upcoming episode of the crime drama shows Prof Annalise making her students understand that everybody is unknowable to each other.

"Question I'm asked most often as a defence attorney is whether I can tell if my clients are innocent or guilty and my answer is always the same I don't care. That's not because I'm heartless or to do some sort of a debate but because my clients like all of us here in this room lie and that makes them unknowable. Look around you at the quiet girl you share notes with, the cute guy you have a crush on, the girl who talks too much in class and ask yourselves do you know who anyone really is. Your instincts would be good or you choose the wrong people to make the study group, to sleep with or even...," she says.

Though the viewers will have to watch a few more episodes to see the unmasked faces of the culprits of Sam and his student Stangard, the second episode of "HTGAWM" titled "It's All Her Fault" will lead the viewers to the culprits as teased by Nowalk.

"By the end of the second ep[isode] this will become more clear but the one body leads to the second body. Lila's body will lead to Sam's body," he said.

As per the official synopsis of "HTGAWM" episode 2, "Annalise takes on a new client, Max St. Vincent (Steven Weber), an eccentric millionaire who is the key suspect in his wife's brutal murder. All the clues point to St. Vincent as the killer, but Annalise challenges her students to prove he's innocent – whether that's the truth or not. Meanwhile, Annalise deals with issues in her own home when her growing suspicions that Sam (Tom Verica) is somehow involved in Lila's disappearance start to affect their marriage. In flash forwards, we go back to the night of the murder and learn that Wes might be hiding a few secrets of his own."

The next episode of the ABC's new crime drama will also take the viewers to the few secrets of Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch). A promotional clip of "It's All Her Fault" shows Annalise giving a special treat to Gibbins and some of her students doubt that he could be her child whom she gave for adoption.

Watch the promo of "It's All Her Fault" below: