GBNY Productions Inc

There is a popular saying that the right pair of shoes makes the outfit, and GB Sneakers agrees. Luckily, the New-York based shoe retail store recognized by locals and celebrities alike are here to get you right with verified kicks. GB Sneakers, a branch of GBNY Productions Inc., stands upon going toe-to-toe with competitors in the retail business, specifically in footwear, for the past few years. The business has sprouted in four locations throughout New York.

What They Offer

The latest releases of various brands such as Nike, Jordan, Puma, and Timberland, are hands down the most popular, however, customers can't wait to get their hands on the limited editions, or rather, their feet on.

Men, women, and children can step into the house of footwear and find a fresh pair that catches the eye. Better yet, it has select apparel and accessories to compliment the kicks.

Innovative, Impactful, and Overall Incredible

"We're not your average sneaker or footwear store," says GBNY's official website. "We offer variety; we offer class, and most of all we offer our customers the service they deserve."

According to an exclusive interview on the mainstream website Disrupt, CEO Gurson "G" Singh states, "The main thing that sets us apart as a business is our customer service and our love for the community...We also hold monthly in-store events where we give back to the community, from clothing, sneakers, food, as well as basic necessities- hand sanitizer, masks, etc.. especially during these tough times."

VIP Clientele

According to online sources and YouTube, major stars have entered GB's, such as Waka Flocka, Jadakiss, Jim Jones, and even the most well-known Kardashian, Kim Kardashian. Below is Bow Wow's support for one of the many community events GB's holds.

What's New for GBNY? Kick-off events.

The involvement and experiences are continuous and there is much more on the way, with some major public events happening soon. According to Disrupt, a Y2K event will be held on May 11th at Jamaica, NY's Colosseum Mall location. There, sneakerheads can participate in the launch of the Air Jordan 6 Retro "Midnight Navy" sneakers.

Stay in Touch

Outside of New York? No problem. Online shopping is offered, with shipping perks. Join the social media community as well, where followers can find newest products out, outfit inspirations, and engaging content.