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The man cycled 600 km to find his mentally unstable wife. [Representational image]Reuters

How far would you go for love? A 42-year-old man from Jharkhand in India pedaled around 600 km on his rusty cycle to find his missing wife. Manohar Nayak, a wage laborer, desperately searched 65 villages from his home state to the neighboring West Bengal for 24 days to find his mentally-unstable wife who went missing on January 11.

Manohar's wife, Anita, left home and wandered off on the streets soon realizing she could not find her way back. She eventually ended up walking on the National Highway 6 towards Kolkata. 

The laborer from Jamshedpur went on a long journey searching through villages as he traveled 30 to 40 km every day asking locals if they had seen his wife. He had even kept her photo in his pocket as he decided to take up the search.

"When she didn't return for two days, I filed a police complaint with Musabani and Dumaria police stations," Times of India quoted Manohar as saying. When the police could not find his wife, Manohar sought media help and published her photo on local newspaper's missing person's column.

"I repaired my rusty bicycle and started traveling from one village to another, not knowing how much distance I had covered," said the daily wage laborer who works in Odisha.

Manohar, however, successfully found his wife after 24 days in West Bengal's Kharagpur last week. 

The search for his wife finally ended after a few people saw Anita sitting at a local eatery in Kharagpur. They informed the local police who later notified their counterparts in Musbani village where Manhor resided.

"Without wasting time, we asked Manohar to rush to Kharagpur with both their Aadhaar cards. The couple was reunited on February 10," TOI quoted Musabani SHO Suresh Linda.