Movie sets are great places for single actors to meet, as proved by Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, the stars of the not-so-successful "Fantastic Four". The couple has been spotted cosying up to each other, and enjoying their low-key dates, sometimes even carrying along Bell's 2-year-old son.

Mara - who was in a long-term relationship with Max Minghella - and Bell, who was married to Evan Rachel Wood until May 2014, played the roles of Marvel heroes Invisible Girl and The Thing, respectively. Although Mara has romanced Miles Teller aka Mr Fantastic on-screen, she seems to have been saving her real affection for Bell.

The couple has been rumoured to be dating since May, and although neither of them have confirmed or denied the relationship, they have been snapped by the paparazzi, sharing flirty looks and touches. It wasn't until late October that the adorable couple took their romance out in the open, at the Soho neighbourhood of New York.

Mara's companionship is certainly a welcome change for Bell, who has been single since his divorce in 2014. He has revealed on more than one instance that he is "terrible with girls". While Bell blames it on the Englishman in him, claiming they are not as "forward" or "aggressive" women would like them to be, he confirms to be more of a "hands off" guy than "hands on".

He has also made fun of his "single dad" status, claiming that it is one of the reasons he is too busy to date. "It certainly sucks a lot of the spontaneity out of opportunities to meet people, for sure. A lot of the time I feel like my life is a bit like a sitcom, actually. I wonder what the sitcom would be. Dad Life? No, that sucks. Single Dad? No. I want it to be good, though, you know?" he revealed to E! Online.

However, Mara seems to be fitting right in the Bell boy's life because during a recent date photographed by the Daily Mail, she was seen carrying some of the young man's toys, as his father carried him around in the beach.