How To Download Windows 10 Mobile On Your Xiaomi Mi 4 Smartphones?
How To Download Windows 10 Mobile On Your Xiaomi Mi 4 Smartphones?Anirban Roy

If you are a Xiaomi Mi 4 user and eager to try out the Windows 10 Mobile on your smartphone, you are lucky. Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Android devices earlier this week that allow users to download and run the unreleased OS on the Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone.

The deal is exclusive for the Xiaomi flagship, as Microsoft entered into an agreement with the Chinese tech company in March to test the early builds of the new OS before an official rollout.

According to WM Power User, Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview ROM is available for download from Xiaomi's support website. The ROM weighs 700MB and updates the handset's OS to Windows 10 Mobile 12562.82 version. The ROM is password-protected and only registered beta testers can download the file. However, you can try the new build by signing up from the Xiaomi's official website.

By making Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview available for Android smartphones, Microsoft is looking to strengthen its position against Android and iOS. Though it is unlikely to yield positive results, it is a good move, considering the company might release the ROMs for handsets like ZTE Nubia 9 and other smartphones in the future.

The agreement between Microsoft and Xiaomi allows a small number of Mi 4 users to test the new OS and help the software firm to iron out any bug ahead of the major release. Windows 10 will serve as a unified platform for various devices including PCs, mobiles and gaming consoles. The selected users to test the mobile version of the OS will communicate directly with the software developers and engineers for feedback. Xiaomi will have no role in endorsing the OS.

Microsoft is set to release its Windows 10 on 29 July and there is a lot of hype around its free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. This will help the tech company boost Windows 10 adoption worldwide.

To demonstrate the Windows 10 Mobile on Xiaomi Mi 4, WindowsBlogItalia posted a video on YouTube in April. Watch the video below: