Installing ROM on Android smartphone through ClockWorkMod
Installing ROM on Android smartphone through ClockWorkModYoutube/Screenshot

Its fun to test different Custom ROMs on Android smartphones, as each ROM comes with its own strength, focusing features required by different users. But flashing the phone with different ROMs has one major drawback: you'll lose your entire data stored in the phone.

Now, it is quite a hectic process to take the entire backup on any other device and then replace the ROM with a new one. But we have an easy solution for you, which will enable you to switch to different ROMs without losing any data. 


  • Install ClockWork Mod Recovery on your smartphone; it's a must.
  • Keep atleast one GB, preferably two GB, empty in your SD Card for further requirement.
  • All the Android ROM should belong to identical Android versions.

Step by Step Guide to Switch between ROMs

  1. Boot your smartphone into Recovery Mode.
  2. Go to Backups and Restore by using the volume rocker button.
  3. Select and follow the steps for taking complete back of your current Android ROM.
  4. Once the Backup process is completed successfully, select "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" to wipe the system cache completely.
  5. Install the required ROM to the phone.
  6. Boot into the phone using the new ROM, make sure the phone is working fine.
  7. Boot into the Recovery mode again, and go to Backups and Restore>>Advanced Restore.
  8. Select the backup you made minutes ago in the next step and select Data partition to restore.
  9. Wait until the entire restoration process is finished.
  10. Reboot the smartphone and voila! all your old data has been restored into the new ROM.

Source: mGeeky

[Disclaimer: This procedure is very technical and should be performed by a person with sound knowledge of rooting (or manual software installation) Android devices. If the step-by-step installation process is not followed properly, there are chances of the smartphone getting bricked or being permanently irreparable. International Business Times, India Edition cannot be held responsible for any damage or claims from readers if the procedure does not yield the required results or if the smartphone is bricked. Hence, users are advised to proceed with caution.]