OnePlus has only dispatched the first batch of OnePlus 2 invites and there still are a lot of buyers eagerly waiting in line. More than 37 lakh requests have been registered for the latest flagship so far and Amazon just started shipping the first batch on 14 August.

But if you are growing impatient and willing to go to the extreme end just to buy a OnePlus 2, there is an alternative source to get the "2016 flagship killer" without waiting for an invite.

In China, online retailer Gear Best is offering free global shipping of unlocked OnePlus 2 smartphones. In India, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is only selling the 64GB variant, while the 16GB model is expected to release later this year. But Gear Best is offering both 16GB and 64GB variants of OnePlus 2 online.

If you wish to get OnePlus 2 without an invite, there is a price to pay. Gear Best has listed the 16GB OnePlus 2 variant for $395.99 and the 64GB model for $464.69. The cost of the handsets is higher than OnePlus's official pricing, which sells the 16GB variant at $329 and 64GB unit for $389. In India, the same handsets have been priced at Rs 22,999 and Rs 24,999 for 16GB and 64GB models respectively.

So if you are ordering OnePlus 2 from India, Gear Best's price for the 16GB OnePlus 2 roughly translates to a little over Rs 25,000 and the 64GB variant costs around Rs 30,000. Although, the pricing of OnePlus 2 on Gear Best retail site conflicts with OnePlus's aim to deliver premium handsets at low price, it will attract those who do not mind spending some extra cash for an expedited delivery.

In fact, a recent announcement on OnePlus forum revealed that the OnePlus 2 shipments in the US and Canada are delayed by two-three weeks. The invite system, however, is working globally.