Department of Public Safety Trooper Marcus Gonzales walks on the Highway 12 bridge over the Blanco River which was blocked by large trees after flooding in Wimberly, Texas, United States May 24, 2015.
Department of Public Safety Trooper Marcus Gonzales walks on the Highway 12 bridge over the Blanco River which was blocked by large trees after flooding in Wimberly, Texas, United States May 24, 2015.REUTERS/JAY JANNER/AMERICAN-STATESMAN

A flash flood emergency has been declared in Houston, where slow-moving torrential downpours have adversely affected hundreds of homes. In the last three days, at least eight people have died in Oklahoma and Texas.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had declared states of disaster in 24 counties, where tornadoes, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and floods forced evacuations and rooftop rescues. Thousands of residents do not have access to electricity as well.

"This is the biggest flood this area of Texas has ever seen. It is absolutely massive - the relentless tsunami-type power of this wave of water," Abbot said according to Reuters.

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  • Areas around Reliant Stadium completely under water. #houstonflood
  • Latest images of Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive submerged in water after flash flood.


  • Full list of schools that will not be holding classes on Tuesday in Houstan. (via KHOU)
  • All schools in Houston Independent School District will remain closed on 26 May, Wednesday (Via Houston ISD @HoustonISD)
  •  Over 3 MILLION people affected by flash flooding in #Houston right now, (Via Tim HellerVerified @HellerWeather)
  • White Oak Bayou has climbed 25 feet in 2 hours and will flood I-10 just north of downtown Houston shortly.
  • Nearly 200 fans remain in the Toyota Center in Houston (via nicolas ‏@premiuz)
  • Emergency official Rick Flanagan pleads with people to "Just stay at home." (via @JohnBerman)
  • Dwight Howard on being stuck at Toyota Center: "Sleepy...Crazy...but fine. I'm enjoying myself with the fans." (via Amanda Rykoff @amandarykoff)


  • More videos on Houston flash floods
  •  Massive Flooding across Houston. At lest 42 main roads are reported to have high water. (See entire list
  • The White Oak Bayou in Houston has swelled up and the water now is spilling over highways. ABC reports claim that White Oak Bayou is currently at major flood stage and is expected to rise to more than 40 feet, according to the National Weather Service. The last time the bayou crested to this level was during Hurricane Ike in 2008.
  •  Brays Bayou described as being above 500 year flood level, Fires burning near NRG #houstonflood (via Betsy Nanson ‏@bnanson) 


  • Dozens still stranded at Toyoto CentersShawn Patrick Ramsey ‏@ShawnPRamsey "4 am. Still at Toyota Center. I hear @NeilDiamond is schedule to play later today? Maybe we can stick around for that? #houstonflood"


  • Flash Flood Emergency continues. Radar estimates widespread 9-11" from west #Houston into Sugar Land. #houstonflood via Travis Herzog ‏@HerzogWeather 
  • The National Weather Service has declared a flash flood emergency for southwest Harris County in Texas as a severe storm brings heavy rain to the Houston area. The weather service reported 5 to 7 inches had fallen there Monday night and an additional 2 to 4 inches were possible. Authorities urged residents to avoid all travel, unless fleeing a flooded area.
  • A CNN report noted: In the record-setting rains in Texas and Oklahoma, 12 people including children have been reported missing in Hays County, Texas where a family had gathered together to celebrate the long Memorial day weekend.
  • The National Weather Service issued a flash flood emergency for Houston, where more than 60,000 area residents were without power, according to CenterPoint Energy.
  • Flash Flood Emergency has been expanded to include more of Harris Co. Dangerous flooding continues.
  • Simone Eli ‏@SimoneEli_KPRC  2h2 hours ago#Rockets Dwight Howard comforting fans stuck in the Toyota Center following the win. #HoustonFloodKPRC without Power
  • Hundreds stuck at Toyota Center 
  •  Major Highways flooded:  Justin Karp ‏@jskarp: "I-10 in Houston is basically a five-lane lake. Holy cow. #houstonflood"
  •  In Hays County near Austin, 400 homes have washed away. "We do have whole streets that have maybe one or two houses left on them, and the rest are just slabs," said Kharley Smith, emergency management coordinator. More than 1,000 more homes were damaged, and waters washed two main bridges away in Hays. (Via CNN)