House Of Cards is highly likely to return with another powerful season on Netflix. The shocking cliffhanger of season 5 has had the fans on tenterhooks.

The followers have already started discussing the renewal reasons and potential plot ideas for Season 6 of the political drama series. If fan theories are to be believed, then the show will probably feature the downfall of the onscreen couple in the next instalment.

An admirer of the show came up with a possible plot twist for the lead characters that teased the return of cast member Jimmi Simpson as Gavin Orsay and its impact on the onscreen couple.

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House Of Cards
House Of Cards season 6 will focus on Claire Underwood's presidency.Facebook/House Of Cards

"Doug left Gavin Orsay alive (I assume.) Would anyone think it possible that he could come back to the series and start leaking info on the Underwood's and on Doug since he knows about Rachel Posner?" wrote the admirer on Reddit.

The showrunners, Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, have already revealed that Frank will face ramifications in the upcoming season. But the makers revealed it will be because of Zoe Barnes and even Doug Stamper may not be able to help him out.

House Of Cards
Underwoods may call it quits in House Of Cards season 6.Facebook/House Of Cards

Meanwhile, another Reddit guy stated that Netflix may at least renew the show for one more season. "I'm assuming they will renew the show for at least one more season considering the star power that is in it. I guess they are maybe negotiating contracts and what not," he stated.

"As long as House Of Cards continues to be nominated for emmys/golden globes, netflix will keep the show," said a Reddit user.

An admirer of the show even came up with a possible return date for the political drama series. "In the past they usually go back to work in July/August. But they worked into Feb this year. Kevin is currently shooting a movie. I wanna say Robin is as well but unsure. I think they will announce season 6 soon but I think it will be for mid to late 2018," he wrote.