Season 4 of Netflix's political thriller "House of Cards" will premiere in a few months. On 4 March, 2016, the new season will depict a plot that's complex, intriguing and after Frank and Claire's debacle in Season 3, the latest installment of "House of Cards" looks to be interesting.

The latest trailer for the show only captured Frank Underwood's (Kevin Spacey) campaign for 2016 presidency. However, many have wondered where his wife Claire (Robin Wright) will figure in Season 4.

If the trailers are an indication of what's to come in the latest season, we predict Frank and Claire's separation will be revealed to the public. It also appears likely that Frank may not seek his wife's help while campaigning for the post of Commander-in-Chief. Fans of the show would remember that Frank Underwood has always prided himself on working his way up and achieving his goals by using his Machiavellian traits.

In a recent article, The Hollywood Reporter speculated that Season 4 of "House of Cards" would be quite different, in that, Frank and Claire will work separately, and although Frank knows what his goal is, his wife is yet to figure it out.

Michael Kelly, who plays the role of Doug Stamper, hinted that the new season would focus on both parties' storyline. In Frank's case, this includes his determination to become the president for a second term. Kelly was quoted by the Hollywood Reporter as saying: "He's obviously far more efficient with Doug by his side. I can only hope that next season it'll bring more of a 'let's get some shit done'."

Meanwhile, it is possible Frank may just go on to win the elections and become president again. In the trailers, the incumbent President looks extremely poised and confident as he says: "It's a new day in America. Today, more people will go to work, return home to their families, and sleep more soundly than ever before. All because one man refuses to settle, putting people before politics. That man is Frank Underwood."

However, reports suggest Neve Campbell's character may disrupt Frank's ambition. According to VC Post, creator Beau Willimon said: "Campbell will play a power-hungry woman set on reaching the top and will achieve some momentum by using Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire's (Robin Wright) damaged relationship."

"House of Cards" Season 4 premieres on Friday, 4 March, on Netflix.