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The much-awaited season 3 of award-winning show "House of Cards" will go live in the United States on 27 February, 12 am PST.

As streaming service Netflix produces it, all the 13 episodes, which are one-hour-long, are made available to the fans together.

While fans residing in the US will be able to watch how America is being run by President Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, those in Australia will have to wait until March as their local Netflix service will launch the show then.

Although Netflix has not revealed the exact date of its launch in Australia, it has confirmed that "House of Cards" is one the shows it will stream in the country.

"It has really acted as a brand ambassador for us around the world and sometimes people's introduction to the word Netflix has been a result of their love and appreciation of House of Cards," the company's chief content officer Ted Sarandos told Fairfax Media, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Once the political drama series is released, fans are expected to "binge" watch the entire season. Admirers of the show residing in the East Coast will have to wait until 3 am, while viewers in the Central Standard Time zone and Mountain Standard Time zone will be able to play their favourite show a 2 am and 1 am, respectively.

In the third season, we will see how the new President, who took over the Oval Office in the White House in the last episode of the previous season, is handling things. The synopsis for "Chapter 27" states that things won't be smooth after Underwood succeeds Garrett Walker to become the President of the United States. He tries to introduce a new wide-ranging jobs bill to an extremely-difficult Congress. On the other hand, we see new First Lady Claire, played by Robin Wright, indulging in business with the United Nations.

Watch the video of the official trailer of "House of Cards" Season 3 below: