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The finale of "House of Cards" season 3 has divided fans. Along with adulation have come a lot of negative responses from fans who said the finale did not pack the punch they expected.

After sitting through 13 hours and seeing glimpses of the crack in the Underwoods' marital life widening, fans finally saw Claire leaving Frank.

Being the First Lady did not give her what she wanted and on one occasion she even told Frank: "It's you that's not enough." However, many fans already saw this coming, and they feel the ending was predictable. Other plotlines such as the Russian arc and the campaign storyline did not have a proper or impactful ending, others believe.

On the other hand, there are many who are heaping praises, with many noting that the finale was intense. Although Claire has left Frank in the past, she has always found her way back to him, and if there is yet another season in the offing, fans are hoping for more Claire-Frank confrontation.

There are a lot of questions on the future of Frank and Claire's marriage, but many believe her split from Frank would pave way for Claire to work her way to the Oval Office.

"House of Cards Season 4 prediction : Claire Underwood gonna run for President," tweeted one fan, and another added: "Claire Underwood for President 2016!!! AMIRITE?!?! #HouseOfCards."

In the next season, Frank's wife could possibly be his biggest foe, and fans will finally see his downward spiral.

"House of Cards" season 3 released on 27 February on Netflix.