soldiers land in trouble for lending tank weapons for bikini video shoot
Soldiers land in trouble for lending tank, weapons for bikini video shootscreenshot/youtube

The military is definitely a difficult place to survive in, but you're just calling it upon yourself when you hand out expensive machinery and tanks to models and then record your involvement with it in a video that is bound to go viral.

Four National Guard soldiers from Utah are being disciplined for lending military weapons and tanks for a racy bikini shoot of British models. The "behind-the-scene" video footage of barely-covering camouflage-clad models firing what appears to be military grade weapons and riding the tanks begs the question, "Who authorised this?"

An initial investigation has revealed that several members of the National Guard took part in the video after getting permission from a 19th Special Forces non-commissioned officer, who did not have the authority to do so.

Utah National Guard Lt. Col. Steven Fairbourn told The Salt Lake Tribune that the non-commissioned officer did not have authorization to allow the models into Camp Williams, and has been relieved of his leadership position and faces a reprimand and mandatory early retirement.

While it has been determined that the British models did not fire any National Guard weapons or ammunition, a portion of the video "Hot Shots Calendar 2015 - Behind the Scenes" shows two officers of the Department of Public Safety SWAT team instructing the models how to shoot at a private shooting range in Grantsville.

These soldiers, who had received the green light to participate in the photoshoot from the non-commissioned officer, will receive lesser punishments, ranging from counseling to reprimand, Huffington Post reported. It is said that the cost for military fuel used during the shoot, which was calculated to be $200, will also be recouped from the soldiers involved.

While corrective measures are being taken, the National Guard has not given out the name or other details of those involved, because it is deemed as one mistake among multiple years of service. "We are dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who have served their country in time of war," said Fairbourn.

The Utah Guard, in a statement issued Saturday, apologised for its involvement in the bikini photoshoot, but reiterated that "this error in judgment of these few soldiers does not diminish the commitment and resolve of the Utah Guard and its more than 7,000 members to serve the citizens of Utah and our nation".

The video and photographs which were taken as part of the "Hot Shots Calendar 2015" in June was posted to YouTube on 16 October.