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A hospital security guard was arrested for having sex with a dead woman's body inside the storage unit of the hospital at Tennessee on Thursday, August 23.

23-year-old Cameron Wright was caught having sex with a woman's body at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis. According to reports, it was two security guards who witnessed the crime. They immediately called the local police and Wright was soon arrested.

Upon interrogation, Cameron admitted having sexually assaulted the dead woman.

St. Francis Hospital claimed that they did a background check before hiring him and he was contracted by the U.S. Security Associates. The accused was fired from the hospital soon after the incident came to light.

The woman was identified as April, 37, who died at the hospital on Wednesday. Her body was in in the storage unit because the doctors were preparing to remove her organs as she was an organ donor. Meanwhile, her family was planning a funeral for her but that has been put on hold until the case is resolved.

The father of the victim, James Parham told FOX13 that he cannot believe what happened and he is still trying to come to terms with it.

"What we need is some answers. We need some concrete answers, and somebody held accountable," said the deceased's father. "That is what we need right now. It's hard enough."