Director Teja's Telugu movie "Hora Hori" starring newcomers Dileep and Daksha in the lead roles, has garnered extremely negative reviews and poor ratings from film critics. One of them described the routine love story as old wine in an old bottle.

Gangster Basava (Chaswa) is in love with Maithili (Daksha) and he spoils her marriage proposals. Her brother shifts her to a small village in Karnataka, where she falls in love with Skanda (Dileep), a businessman. What happens when Basava learns about her love affair will form the crux of the story.

Daksha's wonderful performance, Kalyan Koduri's background score, Jabardasth Raghava and Rakesh's comedy scenes, amazing cinematography and exotic locales are the main attraction of the film.

The outdated story, predictable plot and snail-paced narration are the big drawbacks of the movie.

The bad script should be blamed for the disastrous performance of "Hora Hori" and director Teja should be held responsible, say critics. The movie has been given an average of 1.87 out of 5 stars.

Here is "Hora Hori" movie review roundup.

The Hindu Review

Hora Hori would make for a reasonable watch if you haven't watched Teja's superhit Jayam. For others, this is nowhere near the best that this director is capable of.

India Glitz Rating: 2

A 'Jayam' hangover, a villain reduced to a caricature, a hero who over-emotes, dialogues that lack the zing.

123 Telugu Ratings: 2.25

Hora Hori has an interesting premise and is good only in bits and pieces. Other than the pleasing visuals and captivating background score, the proceedings are let down by a routine story, slow narration and a very cliched climax. If you have watched Jayam, then Hora Hori is exactly on those lines but the catch here is that it is very outdated and can be ignored safely this weekend.

AP Herald Ratings: 1

In a rustic love story or story about relations, it is really important for the several turns in the story to be promising. Since that doesn't happen much in Teja's Hora Hori, it turns out to be director's worst possible film till date. It's terrible by any standards and has been scripted worse than Teja's 1000 Abaddalu. On the whole, Hora Hori is like viewers fight for survival in theatres. Stay Away!

Gulte Ratings: 2

Teja has nobody except for him to blame for this utterly disastrous movie. This film shouldn't have been made at all. It is surprising to see the names of producers that have proved their taste in choosing good scripts to back this one. Only bright note in this film is Kalyani Koduri's music. This would have been even horrible without his sincere effort.

Great Andhra Ratings: 1.5

The movie proves once again that Teja is yet to come to terms with the changed environment of filmmaking and narrative styles.

Telugu Cinema Rating: 2.5

Although it offers beautiful locations, rich frames and good music, Teja's Hora Hori is so predictable and looks like he cannot get Jayam out of his system.