Wife stabs ex-hockey player
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In a suspected case of honour killing, a Telangana teen, hailing from Nalgonda district, was strangled and her head was bashed against the wall by her father, who felt that she was 'too friendly' with her male teacher and classmates.

Reports also say that the man had allegedly set afire her body and tried staging it as an act of suicide. But police, after examining the post-mortem report, said that the girl had been murdered.

Police explained that, in case of fire accidents or self-immolation, the victim, out of reflex, usually runs about the place, setting on fire the objects nearby. But Radhika's body was half-burnt and was found in one place, which explains that she was initially murdered and then her body was set on fire.

Reports say that the girl was studying in class 7 at the local government school in Theedhedu village in Nalgonda district. Her friends recalled her as a bright and jovial person.

On Tuesday, September 19, the girl's father Narasimha had allegedly seen her talking with one of her classmates after school. Angry over this, the father, after the girl returned home, accused her of shaming the family and began beating her up.

Police have said that the father dashed her head against the wall and reportedly strangled her. Following this, her parents doused her body with kerosene and set it afire. When they were making a move to perform the last rites, the neighbours called police.

During interrogation, the father confessed that he had murdered her. "She was only a bright upper primary student. The father's suspicion that his daughter was engaged in dishonourable acts and his rage, led to the murder,'' the investigating officer told NDTV.