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Japanese car manufacturer Honda confirmed on Friday the name of its first diesel car in India as "Amaze".

"The New Entry Sedan will be called the "AMAZE," and will be launched in Thailand and India," announced the company.

Amaze will be an entry-level sedan from Honda and will be based on the Brio platform, which was a scoring success in India's small car market. The company has not revealed the features of its upcoming sedan, but said that the car will be available with petrol and diesel engines.

"The Honda Amaze will be available with a petrol engine and a newly-developed diesel engine and will be positioned in the entry level sedan segment for the Indian market," the company said.

Honda claimed that Amaze will pack all the needs of Indian consumers and will be made available in the market for an affordable price. The car will also debut in Thailand around the same time with a gasoline engine.

"Every aspect of the new entry sedan seeks to amaze the customer by offering divergent and desirable values to expand customer delight beyond expectations. The contemporary style of "Amaze" will entice customers with its amazingly spacious interior yet compact exteriors, which was designed while further advancing the Honda M/M (man maximum, machine minimum) concept*1," said Honda.

Specifications of the new diesel car is expected to be revealed on Nov 23. Amaze will debut in India in the next fiscal year.