The season finale of "Homeland" Season 5, titled "A False Glimmer", ended on an unexpected note that left the fans shocked and disturbed as two of the prominent characters were seemingly killed.

There have been numerous speculations regarding Carrie Mathison's (Claire Danes) fate in Season 5 regarding: Will she return as an CIA agent, because she has already lost a lot while serving as an agent?

In the Season 5 finale episode, soon after meeting Qasim (Alireza Bayram), a jihadist who assisted Carrie in stopping terrorists from releasing sarin gas, an unfortunate incident occurred and Qasim was killed despite all of Carrie's efforts.

Another part of the finale that left fans shocked was when Mathison read Quinn's letter. Even though Quinn seemingly died at the end of the episode, the letter hinted that he might return in Season 5, as, in a scene, a bright light was seen entering the room that might signify his search for peace.

There are also rumours regarding Mathison's return to the CIA as she was unable to abandon her current assignment and reluctantly agreed to do it one last time. However, she might return full time in Season 6.

In an interview with Variety, Lesli Linka Glatter, executive producer of the series, addressed all such rumours. On the question of Mathison's return to the CIA, she said: "It'll be interesting to see where the next season goes as far as that goes. Until we have that series of meetings, I don't know yet if Alex has any idea. But those meetings in Washington have such a big impact."

She also answered queries regarding the fate of Quinn and whether he will make it to next the season, saying: "What incredible work Rupert (Friend) has done this season! He's just extraordinary. I feel so lucky as a director to be working with this cast. It certainly has made me more fearless."