Elizabeth Marvel is all set to play Elizabeth Keane, the 45th President of America, in Showtime's political-thriller series "Homeland" Season 6. Marvel is not unfamiliar with playing a politician's role, as previously she had portrayed the role of presidential candidate Heather Dunbar in "House of Cards" and several political characters in "Law & Order," "Person of Interest," and "Fargo."

Earlier, it was reported that the plot of the sixth season will revolve around the female president and her rise to power. However, new updates state that most of the storyline takes place during the in-between duration, just before the newly-elected commander-in-chief is appointed.

As reported by TV Fanatic, the character of Keane will be loosely based on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Keane has been described as an intellectual and curt former senator who is from New York.

Since the next season of "Homeland" will be primarily set in New York, there is a significant possibility that it will involve Carrie protecting the President while she is in her hometown.

Though not much is known of the plot of Season 6, several recent rumours state that an assassination attempt will take place in the upcoming season. Fans can be assured that Season 6 will be as thrilling and gripping as the previous seasons of "Homeland."

The next season has also been hinted as more action packed and nerve-pumping than the earlier instalments, as Carrie will face unexpected challenges, the sort she has never encountered before.

Carrie will be also seen struggling through her bipolar illness as she will try her best to be a good mother to her daughter, Frannie, who is rumoured to have a much significant role that Season 5.

Fans are also looking forward to the fate of Quinn in the upcoming season. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, show-runner Alex Gansa said that Quinn might survive, but he will never be the same person as he used to be.

"Homeland" Season 6 will premiere on Showtime in January 2017. The exact air date has not yet been revealed by the network or the show-runner.