Homeland will premiere its upcoming sixth season by January 2017 and it will continue to follow the former CIA intelligence officer Claire Danes and her friend Peter Quinn.

Since the Showtime series is returning with a time jump, the creators are expected to address the changes that have taken place for the two lead characters over the course of time.

While executive producer Alex Gansa revealed that the viewers can except to watch a very profound and altered Quinn, he also stated that Carrie will lead a different and singular journey in season 6.

The creator even added that Rupert Friend's character "will be suffused with his daily relationship with Claire's character." So it can be assumed that there could be less room for a romance between the former onscreen couple in the upcoming season of Homeland.

Even cast member Claire Danes does not seen to be very optimistic about the former onscreen couple in Showtime series. According to her, the former CIA officer is yet to be romantic towards her friend as she is busy finding out different ways to save the world.

However, actor Friend seems to have a little hope for a romance between the two lead characters as he stated that there are many things in common between them.

"They're both very damaged people and I think that they have a similar attraction to high voltage, high adrenaline situations that tend to have an incredible benefit but more likely to have a very catastrophic end," Entertainment Weekly quoted him as saying.

So it remains to be seen what lies ahead for Carrie and Quinn in Homeland season 6, which is scheduled telecast the premiere on January 15 2017.