After the dramatic ending of season 5, "Homeland" fans are eagerly waiting for the return of their popular political thriller especially to find out the fate of Carrie Mathison and Peter Quinn in the showtime series.

Executive producers Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon have already teased twists and thrills for fan favourite characters, Carrie and Quinn, in season 6. While Rupert Friend's character will struggle to deal with the daily tensions of his relationship with the former CIA officer, Claire's character moves on with her life and finds a new teammate.

The female protagonist will join hands with a law professor cum advocate in her mission to aid Muslims living in the U.S. The character will be played by Canadian actor Patrick Sabongui of "The Flash" fame.

Other celebrities to join the cast list of "Homeland" in season 6 include "House of Cards" star Elizabeth Marvel, "Limitless" actor Hill Harper, "Prison Break" fame Robert Knepper and "Nurse Jackie" alum Dominic Fumusa.

While Marvel will play the new president-elect Elizabeth Keane, Harper will be the chief of staff and Knepper will portray General Jamie McClendon, a representative from Department of Defense.

However, the role of Fumusa in the Showtime series has been kept under wraps. According to an industry insider, he will be playing the role of a FBI Special Agent named Ray Conlin, stated Variety.

Meanwhile, "Homeland" creator Gansa revealed that Iran Nuclear Deal will be addressed in the sixth season. "We talked a lot about the Iran nuclear deal, because a lot of that business gets conducted in New York City in terms of the sanctions and banking. That's a fairly big part of the show," Entertainment Weekly quoted him as saying.

Showtime will air the sixth season of its popular political drama series in January 2017.