The character of Carrie Mathison (portrayed by Claire Danes) is undoubtedly one of the most prominent characters in Showtime's political thriller series "Homeland." According to reports, the sixth season of the series will feature Mathison's back-story.

Ecumenical News says Season 5 of "Homeland" garnered positive reviews from fans after the story featured the origin story of Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend). The website states it was a refreshing experience for viewers to explore the life of a young Quinn long before he was recruited.

Similarly, reports say Season 6 of "Homeland" will offer fans the same experience. The Los Angeles Times website has stated that the next season will start with Mathison trying to live a normal life again.

According to the website, Alex Gansa, the co-creator of the series, has disclosed the role of Mathison in the upcoming season and how things will be different for her. "We did really pick her up this season in a completely different emotional and professional place," Gansa said.

In the premiere episode of "Homeland" Season 6, Mathison will be in a stable relationship and trying to lead a normal life once again. After having quit her job as an intelligence officer, she now works at a foundation.

Gansa also hinted that Mathison's patience will be put to test as she will find out how much she could share about herself to a normal person. She will be struggling to open up before the human rights lawyer, Jonas Hollander.

Meanwhile, The Silver Times has stated that the upcoming season of "Homeland" might continue without Mathison. However, whether it will be a good move to proceed with the series without Mathison's involvement will be seen only once Season 6 premiers. As reported by Release Date, David Nevins. the president of Showtime, has said the release date of sixth season of the series is "still vague."