In Season 6 of Showtime's political-thriller series "Homeland," Carrie (Claire Danes) will be moving away from a life of thrills, danger and excitement and try to have a peaceful life. However, it seems that her past is not going to leave her easily.

Carrie left CIA hoping she will now spend a simpler life where she won't have to face constant danger all the time. Now that she also has to protect her daughter, she can't carry on with her previous profession and is looking forward to have a normal life.

Though Carrie has retired, it seems that "Homeland" won't be having any "normal" setting for the fans and the suspense will still be a major element of the sixth series.

Lesli Linka Glatter, director of "Homeland," told the Huffington Post that Carrie's search for "inner peace" will continue in Season 6. However, once the U.S. starts fighting against the insurgents again, she will find it hard not to be a part of a team. 

Glatter also said that Carrie will "end up running a coffeehouse" in order to find inner peace, but "the interesting part will be whether she can ever find inner peace."

Talking with Entertainment Weekly about her character in Season 6, Danes said: "She's pretty ravaged, you know, by the end. She's been through yet another ring of hell, so I think she always, in the beginning of the season, seems in the mood to stabilise, and then her calling disrupts that, so I think it'll be more of that."

The Christian Times has stated that there might be two more seasons of "Homeland" after Season 6. The sixth season is expected to premiere next January on Showtime.