It seems that the next season of political thriller television series "Homeland" will see a time jump of years from the previous season 5 – exactly like the time gap between season 5 and season 4.

Season 5 came after an interval of two years showcasing the extraordinary world of Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes). Besides moving to an entirely different country, she had adapted the German culture perfectly and had left her past life behind for good.

Though the time jump tactic had been criticised by some fans previously, it was a good move by the showrunners so far as it gave depth to the fact that Carrie had managed to completely change her life and had also forgotten everything about Saul with whom she had a year-long tiff.

As reported by Melty, several questions were left unanswered in the season 5 finale -- Will Carrie and Saul be friends again? Will Quinn ever wake from his coma? What will her and Otto's relationship resemble (and her and Jonas' relationship, for that matter)? Will we see a similar length time jump before Homeland resumes in New York City? Or will it be more similar to the time it takes to hop, skip and jump over the Atlantic?

In season 5 finale titled "A False Glimmer", Carrie convinced Qasim to stop the attack in the subway tunnel. Qasim confronted Bibi, who shot him. Carrie intervened, shooting and killing Bibi and eventually stopping the gas attack.

Carrie went back to her house with Jonas to rest. Saul got information from Ivan on how Allison will be extracted from the country. Laura and Numan were both taken into custody by the BND.

Jonas decided to break up with Carrie. Carrie went back to the hospital to check on Quinn and ended up at the chapel to pray for him. Astrid threatened Laura that the German government will cancel Numan's asylum status if she will not retract her statements against the German government.

The episode ended with Carrie seeing a burst of sunlight come through the window.