After much waiting, it seems that finally the wishes of the fans of Showtime's political-thriller series "Homeland" is fulfilled as the network has announced the air date of the next season.

During TCA Summer press tour, Showtime President David Nevins said that Carrie Mathison (portrayed by Claire Danes) will embark upon a new journey on Jan. 15, 2017 (Sunday). The Season 6 production will commence in New York in a few weeks.

After solving the missions and cases in Europe last season, Season 6 will see the show returning to the homeland as it has been confirmed that the sixth season will be based in New York.

As reported by E! Online, show-runner Alex Gansa has stated that the sixth season will follow the plot between Election Day and Inauguration Day.

"It's an interesting time. A transition and transfer of power is happening. In that 72 days, we're hopefully going to tell an interesting story. Whether the president is male or female, it's going to be a very interesting character," Gansa said.

Hinting about the new President of US, Gansa hinted that the person will have traits of "a little bit Hillary Clinton, a little bit Donald Trump, a little bit Bernie Sanders." he also confirmed that the President will be a female.

Besides confirming the premiere date of Season 6, Nevins also announced that the series has been renewed for three more seasons and Danes will reprise the role of Carrie in all the episodes.

Talking about the upcoming seasons, Nevins said: "It's the season that's in production plus two more. This show is broken year by year. It's broken by a yearly story, it's somewhat anthological, so I don't think Alex will say 'I've broken the next three seasons of show.' We're sort of see when we get into it, whether we'll keep going or not."