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The sixth season of political thriller series "Homeland" is actively progressing and will air sooner than expected, said Alex Gansa, developer of the series.

NY Times quoted Gansa as saying the writing team usually doesn't change the script during production, so the events can relate to more real-world incidents.

He further said the shooting is done months before the actual events take place, and minor changes are made in dialogues afterwards to bring the episodes closer to the event concerned.

Talking about Carrie's (Claire Danes) bipolar condition, Gansa said they wanted each season to explore her condition and highlight the link between her and the overall plot.

The writers of the series said Carrie's bipolar condition is her central character and a major factor in her life decisions. They also hinted that her condition would return every season, meaning fans will get to see more of Carrie and her condition in Season 6.

Though the series moved away from music significantly in Season 5, Claire Danes has hinted her love for jazz music might be brought to next season. Hence, viewers might get to listen to more of Carrie's music in Season 6.

According to Gansa, Danes knows her character better than anyone. Hence, her role in the narrative is always given significant consideration. Danes is also one of the producers of "Into the Badlands," and therefore has some influence over how the show's story develops.

In other news, Dar Adal (F Murray Abraham), black ops director of CIA, might return in sixth season of "Homeland." Due to his bond with Quinn (Rupert Friend), Dar will be significantly affected by Quinn's fate.

Gansa has said "Homeland" will continue for at least two more seasons, much to the delight of the fans.

Though there has been no official information regarding the air date of "Homeland" Season 6, it is speculated the upcoming season will air in second half of 2016 on Showtime.