Will Carrie Mathison meet her death in 'Homeland' season 4?Facebook/Homeland

Showtime's political drama "Homeland" will be back on small screens this Sunday with an action-packed episode of season 4 titled "13 Hours in Islamabad".

The 10th epsiode of the series apart from taking the viewers through the life of Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) and Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), highlights the new challenges in Martha Boyd (Laila Robins) and Peter Quinn's (Rupert Friend) life.

While the convoy blast in the last episode got the viewers all excited, the move by Taliban terrorist Haissam Haqqani (Numan Acar) and his team to attack the US embassy also increased the curiosity of the audience.

The official synopis of "13 Hours in Islamabad" states that a security breach at the Embassy would have far-reaching consequences. So it is time to ask whether Boyd will be able to save the US Embassy from a terrorist attack or not.

However, the US ambassodor to Pakistan should be quick in her decision since the terrorists have already made their way to the embassy.

In the latest promo of episode 10, Boyd informs Quinn, "The ISI know about the tunnel under the economic section which means anybody can know by now." And Quinn makes the arrangement to lock down the embassy.

Meanwhile, showrunner Alex Gansa said in a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter that the storyline of "Homeland" season 4 is building towards an embassy attack.

To know more about Berenson, Mathison, Boyd and Quinn, watch Sunday night's episode of the political drama on Showtime at 9pm. The show will be live streamed here.

Watch the trailer of "13 Hours in Islamabad" below: