Karnataka DGP on Thursday said that not all north-east people who fled Bangalore since Wednesday night had left over fears of being attacked.

He also said that Karnataka Chief Minister had assured the concerned communities saying that they are not a target of violence, FirstPost reported.

"Whether they have gone from their own wish or they have been threatened has not been confirmed yet," a senior police officer told IB Times.

More than 6800 north eastern people left for their home towns and out of them majority are students. Threatening messages telling them to leave the city before has been sent to them. The DGP said that they are looking out for people who spread the messages with rumours of violence.

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has asked officials to investigate the messages sent as well as those who are spreading rumours of attacks against different communities.                      

"We have taken various steps to dispel the fear from the minds of students. The rumours are false and everyone is safe in the city," L Pachau told CNN IBN.

"We can assure everyone that police is giving them protection and we are increasing the patrolling. We are going to have mohalla committees and speaking to local leaders," Pachau said.

Meanwhile, on seeing people fleeing Bangalore fearing attack, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that, "We have to maintain peace at any cost."

Even BJP leader Sushma Swaraj tweeted that, "We would like to assure our brothers and sisters from North East that every single member of the BJP and ABVP is there to protect you."