assam police twitter
The alleged accused were nabbed by the Assam Police.

Remember, Assam Police for their successful social campaigns in the past? Well, there has been an interesting addition to the story. Recently, two men hired a car from Shillong. As soon as they approached Baihata town in Assam, the duo assaulted the driver, stole the car and fled away. And, what happens next is surely going to impress you.

However, in an interesting turn of events, the owner of the car approached Assam Police on Twitter. And, guess what? Assam Police recovered the stolen vehicle in less than 57 minutes, in what they called a Hollywood-style chase.

assam police twitter

Taking to Twitter, the car owner, Sumit Bajoria, said, "For all those who think it is a waste to install a GPS device, in a car or bike, needs to take a look at this thread. A working GPS device which can be tracked in real-time, in the hands of a professional law enforcement agency like @assampolice can help you recover in record time."

Assam Police's Twitter handle is quite popular among social media users for its witty tweets and creative memes. The account - @assam_police - shares informative images on stalking and are also known for running successful campaigns against cyber-bullying, online fraud and harassment, domestic violence and promoting safe online practices.