Tattooed Model twerks her Breasts to Mozart, Video Goes Viral Online
Tattooed Model twerks her Breasts to Mozart, Video Goes Viral OnlineScreenshot/Youtube

A tattooed model has become the latest internet sensation by posting online a video in which she twerks her breasts to a piece by Mozart.

Sara X Mills, 27, who got more than ten million viewers on YouTube through her chest dance video, is quite hilarious to watch.

While posting the footage, she wrote: "No, this isn't fake or a trick, but my boobs are... no strings attached just plenty of silicone."

The Huffington Posts reported speculation was rife that her 'mesmerizing routine could have been faked." People even said she had had electrical shocks to move her breasts like this.

Many viewers accused Mills of attaching invisible strings to her chest but she cleared on her Facebook page that her fake breasts were the only things that enabled her to perform this, Daily Mail reported.

Twerking is mainly associated with hip movements, but Mills has brought an innovation to the practice. Within three days her video got seven million views, making her the latest internet sensation.

The music in which she showed her unique skill is called Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and was performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in 1936.

Watch the video below: