A viral image claiming to show Syrian refugees holding Islamic State (Isis) flags and clashing with the police in Germany has been revealed to be a hoax.

Thousands of social media users have shared the image after Conservative Post published it in an article titled "And So It Begins ... Isis Flag Among Refugees in Germany Fighting the Police". 

Conservative Post, in the same article, even asserted that "more than 4,000 [Isis] gunmen have been smuggled into western nations ... hidden amongst innocent refugees." The image was also picked up by many right-wing media outlets.

It has emerged that the entire claim is false as the image showing protesters clashing with police was taken in Bonn, Germany, back in May 2012. The Independent noted that the protest was started by far-right political parties in Germany, and the Muslims shown in the image were actually part of a counter-protest against the anti-Islam rally.

The flag shown in the image does not belong to Isis, it is reported.

Canada based news outlet Vice, which conducted a thorough examination of many such images noted "Photographs like [these] are being circulated on a number of far-right Facebook pages including the EDL, South East Alliance (a far-right EDL splinter-group) and Pegida UK" to sway public opinion on the refugee crisis in Europe.

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Dale ‏@Daleington9

So the "Refugees holding ISIS flag in Germany" picture is a fake. From 2012. Again, used by racists to justify their racism.

HOPE not hate ‏@hopenothate 

The lie behind *that* #ISIS #flag #refugee pic & the *real* 2012 story in @hopenothate mag

GodHatesFAQs (F.J.) ‏@MrPolyatheist 

This photo circulating on social media is not of a "refugee with an ISIS flag". Its from a 2012 clash in Bonn,Germany

 Clare Swift ‏@clareswift604

Desperate Refugee gently waves ISIS flag at German police as a friendly hello & thanks for making me welcome???