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A news report claiming that Sarah Palin wants to send illegal immigrants 'back across to Mexico' is found to have been a hoax created by a satirical website.

The hoax that seemed to have been started by The Daily Currant, a satirial website, has gone viral and has been shared by thousands on social media.

The Sarah Palin hoax article stated:

"In an interview with Fox News tonight, the former Alaskan governor was asked about President Obama's new plan to partially legalize some of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in America. Palin dismissed the president's idea as "amnesty" and offered an unconventional solution of her own.

"If I were Obama I'd put all 11 million of these folks on boats and send them back to Mexico," she said. "The liberal media says it's impossible to deport that many people. But I say we can do it if we have enough ships. "

The Sarah Palin Hoax article quickly gained traction and was widely shared on Facebook and Twitter. Many readers were ready to believe the story as Sarah Palin has a known track record of having made some famous factual errors.

Some of her famous gaffes such as her explanation of the Revere's famous 1775 "midnight ride" or her cringe worthy statement that showed that even while running for vice presidency she did not really know about the job of a VP, are still quite popular.

The hoax article even quoted Palin as saying: "The long voyage back across the Mexican Ocean should give them plenty of time to think about how they shouldn't be coming here to America and jeopardizing our freedom and prosperity by breaking our laws."

However, it turns out, The Daily Currant, by its own admissions claims to be nothing more than an Satirical online website. "Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward," it says in its disclaimer.

The Currant also says that "Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world."

Twitter Reactions on Sarah Palin Hoax

Jackie ‏@jackievn96

"Sarah Palin: Send Immigrants 'Back Across Ocean' to Mexico". Somebody get this woman an Atlas please! 

 Anita Kissée ‏@anitakissee

I want to take a "Mexican Ocean" cruise! #facepalm #SMH "Sarah Palin: Send Immigrants 'Back Across Ocean' to Mexico"

Greg Mortenson ‏@gregmortenson

Sarah Palin immigration reform plan: put illegal immigrants on boats back to Mexico.

Roy Pickering ‏@AuthorofPatches 

Did Sarah Palin seriously say we should send Mexican immigrants back across the ocean to their home country? Her awesome knows no bounds!

 Louis Montegriffo ‏@louismonti

Palin does it again......classic stuff! Apparently there's a Mexican Ocean now.