Rumours claim that three teens in Philadelphia were beaten up and raped by the Mexican 'Charlie demon'.
Reports that scores of people have died after playing Charlie Charlie Challenge have turned out to be rumours.Twitter/Reuters

A report claiming that at least 500 people have died mysteriously under unexplained circumstances after playing Charlie Charlie Challenge has turned out to be a hoax.

The report, which was first released by The Racket Report, claimed that "people who have attempted this challenge are mysteriously dying." It even noted that those who died bore no signs of illness, injury or foul play.

"The only thing that these people have in common is the Charlie Charlie Challenge," the report noted. It even went on to claim that 500 people across the United States have died within six days of playing the challenge.

However, none of these should be taken seriously as The Racket Report is nothing but a satire website.

According to the About Us page of the website, the articles and stories published on its site are for entertainment purposes only and are work of fiction. 

Since early May, the dubious Ouija-board inspired game ― Charlie Charlie Challenge ― has taken the Internet by storm. According to The Telegraph, the Charlie Charlie Challenge has been played by thousands of young people after a number of videos claimed to show supernatural goings-on.

A strange new game even took over Twitter and under #CharlieCharlieChallenge, fuelled by speculation that its players can connect with a dead Mexican spirit known as Charlie, it has been been a viral trend worldwide.

A similar report, which was later established to be fake, had claimed that three teenage girls were beaten and raped by 'Charlie demon' in Philadelphia while playing the popular Ouija board-inspired game.

Despite the fact that the entire Charlie Charlie Challenge is a hoax, several religious groups have now launched its attack on the spirit summoning game.

Members of the Islamic community in Jamaica recently in a statement condemned the Charlie Charlie Challenge as evil. They said that the game "should be taken very seriously, as it may release demonic elements (jinn), causing the individuals who play the game to become possessed by demons," One News Now reported.

American evangelist Billy Graham also reportedly has released a statement urging parents to keep their children away from experimenting in Satanic occult practices such as Charlie Charlie Challenge.

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