Bono May Never be Able to Play the Guitar Again

A report claiming that U2 singer, activist and humanitarian is exhibiting early symptoms of Ebola, after he got infected while caring for a man in Liberia is nothing but a hoax.

The fake report seems to have been started by Organ Grinder Magazine, which claimed that Bono contracted the deadly virus despite taking all precautions such as wearing protective gear.

A Hoax Slayer report noted that the Organ Grinder Magazine "churns out a stream of nonsensical stories disguised as news reports, apparently in a rather lame attempt to be satirical. Nothing published on Organ Grinder Magazine should be taken seriously."

The truth is Bono does not have Ebola and in fact he is not even in the hospital, contrary to what is being reported.

Many fell for the hoax story mainly because of the attached image that showed Bono in hospital with a bandaged hand. The image, however, was taken in November when the U2 lead singer sustained multiple injuries in a bicycle accident in New York City.

A Rolling Stone report citing the orthopaedic trauma surgeon Dr. Dean Lorich, then had noted that a "high energy bicycle accident" left Bono with a broken left scapula and compound fracture to the left humerus, as well as a "facial fracture involving the orbit of his eye."

Following the accident, he had undergone five hours of surgery.

The Ebola hoax targeting Bono has gained major traction on Twitter and was widely shared among his followers.