Leonardo DiCaprio, who is all set to play America's first serial killer in Martin Scorsese's "The Devil in the White City", has won a lawsuit against French tabloid Oops!, which had falsely reported that he had impregnated pop singer Rihanna.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the tabloid had said in a May 2015 report that DiCap had got Riri pregnant and he didn't want the baby. Following this, the Oscar-nominated actor sued the publication in June 2015. Later, a French court confirmed that the tabloid had violated privacy laws and ordered the publication to pay DiCap €8,000 ($8,900) in damages.

In his lawsuit, the "Great Gatsby" actor had stated that he and Rihanna were not dating and that they were definitely not having a baby. Oops! tried to argue saying that the actor never denied a relationship with the singer and spoke about it in his interviews. But, the court ruled that the story was "inherently likely to cause serious harm" to the actor.

The judge's statement (translated to English from French) reads: "The particularly intimate nature of such revelation" (DiCaprio's supposed attitude towards pregnant Rihanna) and the "absence of any evidence to accredit ... the accuracy of the facts alleged" combined with "the interference with privacy" means that Oops! can't defend its article as "legitimate public information".

Meanwhile, there are reports that Leonardo DiCaprio will portray the character of a 19th century serial killer in the film adaptation of Erik Larson's 2003 non-fiction book, "The Devil in the White City", which will be directed by Martin Scorsese. DiCaprio will play HH Holmes aka Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, who confessed to 27 murders, but has apparently killed over 200 people in his lifetime.