Hoax News Alert:
Hoax News Alert: "Obama Calls Kim Kardashian a 'H*e' Becuase of Her Paper Magazine Nude Photos," is fake.Huzlers.com/Screen Shot

If you have come across a headline that reads, "Obama Calls Kim Kardashian A 'H*e' Because of Her Paper Magazine Nude Photos," you better take the piece of news with a pinch of salt.

The fact is that President Obama never commented on the issue, and hasn't called Kardashian with that derogatory term.

The popular satirical and entertainment site Huzlers.com, which is notorious for spreading hoaxes and false news, came up with this false statement on social media after publishing a fake news on their website. It has to be noted that this is the same website, which recently published other hoaxes, including 'there would be six days of complete darkness in December' and popular Twitter hero 'Alex from Target Fired' hoax.

The website notoriously quoted the US President as saying:

"She's a h*e, and trust me I never use that word in particular to describe a lady, but Kim Kardashian has taken it too far. For Christ's sake set a good example for North West. What will North grow up thinking? That it's ok to get famous off a sextape and pose nude for magazines while being married?"

Calling the so called 'statement' from the President a bold one, the website even asked if Obama was right to call the actress with that term. It further asked audiences to tweet about the matter with #ObamaChill hash tag.

Just like many other cases, some people have fallen prey to the hoax and have started giving their own views on the so called 'Bold Obama statement'.

"You goddam right Mr The President", said an individual with the profile name @Ici_Franklin.

"Funny how Obama Called Kim K a h*e Imao," tweeted Ricky Tamng

"He went in on her, I must admit...#Obama Chill" -- @ GoldNapager