Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's congress speech on Tuesday morning can be watched live online streaming.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the US Congress earlier this month.Reuters

A report claiming that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been requested by Netflix to make a guest appearance in "House of Cards" season 4 is nothing but a hoax.

The spoof article published in Israeli newspaper Haaretz claimed that the producers of the TV series wanted Netanyahu to play the role of the Republican presidential challenger to President Francis Underwood.

The daily even quoted James Foley, who directed several episodes of "House of Cards" as saying that he wanted to cast Netanyahu in one of his movies, after seeing the Israeli Prime Minister address the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2013.

"The moment I saw him on that stage," Foley said, "I knew I wanted him in my show. The way he managed to speak for half an hour without cracking up was incredible. He's a born actor."

The hoax report further went on to claim that Netanyahu, who recently addressed a joint session of both houses of the US Congress, has agreed to audition for the part. His "character will be based on an amalgam between Mitt Romney, who unsuccessfully challenged President Barack Obama in 2012, and Martin Van Buren," the report said.

Despite the Israeli daily stating by the end of the report that the entire story is a "Purim spoof," many readers seems to have fallen for the hoax.

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The Obama hating Jews at #NetFlix for hiring #Netanyahu to star in #HouseofCards 4th season

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